The search for the jimbo…

Ou est le Jimbo?

Since a fateful evening in early December 2010 there has been but one question on everyones lips... Where is Jimbo?


onde está o jimbo?

onde esta o jimbo?

“Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean? “

The Quest for the Jimbo may have been quiet on the interwebs of late, but that’s certainly not because of a lack of searching! In fact somewhere around day 150 your valiant conquistadors grew weary of staking our the small bars, taco shops and pool parties  that the old Jimbo would have frequented… a radical rethink was required if we were to succeed. 

We had to crawl deeper in the psyche of the jimbo, peel more layers off the onion,  and get to the heart of the matter… but with the Jimbo unavailable for comment, who could we turn to? His friends? His family? We’d tapped these resources dry already… we needed more, we needed the source! 

Great Scott, it hit us! It was time to turn this quest into an excellent adventure and 1.21 gigawatts later we had broken down our temporal barriers and taken the quest across the ages.  

This is heavy. 


أين هو جيمي

أين هو جيمي

Having punched through the 120 day mark the quest for the jimbo is truly stretching it’s legs and gather a threatening momentum… like that giant boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Do you find yourself with some left over Pizza Moncur, a case of Becks and some freshly chilled DC all headed for an impromptu house party? There truly can be only one element missing!

Où est le jimbo? C’est des conneries!

Къде е най-Джимбо

As our swelling ranks of valiant Conquistadors race toward day 120 of their quest for the jimbo disturbing inexatitudes have been surfacing in the reported sightings and near misses from the field… has it been so long that we’ve forgotten what the jimbo actually looks like? Our worst fears were realised when we were presented with this supposed police sketch of the jimbo by one of the team… not only did we find the ridiculous facial hair disturbing, even more worrying was the fact the alleged subject of this sketch was arrested in a Montana cabin in 1996… this could not be him. Could it?

A crack team of conquistadors was dispatched to uncover the truth. No matter how shocking.

will the real jimbo please stand up?

ווו איז דער דזשימבאָ

ווו איז דער דזשימבאָ


Alay your fears for the quest in search of the jimbo doth continue unabated, and now beaming to you live in new and exciting outfits!

In what will no doubt go down as one of the all time classic ‘ou est le jimbo’ set pieces mikey has orchestrated a host of genres in what can only be described as a desperate attempt to lure the jimbo from his lair with whatever perverted imagery may tickle his hair back and blow his fancy. We’ve got pirates, indian chiefs and nubile kittens… tiggers, sailor moons and tinkerbelles… all mobilised in the search for the jimbo.

In a final coupe de grace the honey trap was primed with a trio of red riding hoods… but yet to no avail.

This jimbo is a man of cast iron will, that much is true!

mà là jimbo không?

mà là jimbo không?

TGIF… another week bites the dust as we race through 2011, and rack up Day 103 in the never ending quest for jimbo.


Today we celebrate the impending weekend with a look back at a classic ‘Where’s Jimbo?” from Day 1… when we were all a little younger, a little greener and dangerously enthusiastic as we set out on our new quest. Where would the road to jimbo take us? Who would spot him first? Would their be Tequila? All these thoughts raced through our minds as we set out to find answers… only to find more questions where ever we looked.

Age has not wearied these valiant conquistadors, nor has jimbo’s cunning… and the next 100 days of our search will be greater than ever. The people are with us, the population is mobilised. Fight the power. Find the jimbo!


ambapo ni jimbo ya?

So you’ve joined the search for jimbo…

You’ve staked out a couple of local bars, the odd corner shop / deli serving a mean inverted pretzel and generally made a nuisance of yourself around Martin Place and the cities financial institutions… all with little more than the faintest hint of the remnants of a suggestion of lint from one of jimbo’s old Tyler Durden get ups, carried by a moth, eaten by a magie, and now blowing in the cool autumnal breeze.

And then it hits you… surely jimbo didn’t amorphously drop from the sky and land in White Revolver with a Patron Cafe XO in his hand… immaculately distressed Belstaff cloaking his feeble newborn frame. There must be family somewhere… surely someone once tucked him in of an evening whilst he was but a wee tacker? Maybe they know where he is?!

Well…. they don’t.




Woke up this morning from the strangest dream

I was in the biggest army the world has ever seen

We were marching as oneOn the road to the mythical jimbo

Buoyed by the knowledge that they are not alone in their quest for a jimbo our swarthy conquistadors continue to recruit new seekers to their quest… as evidenced by their continued success of late in enlisting attractive young ladies to the cause.

This week things take a decidedly more homo-erotic turn as our conquistadors host the Bondi equivalent of a Masonic Sweat Lodge and have a bunch of new recruits over for a few boutique ales, a take away burrito or two and some redtube surfing on the big screen.

Those that have been following for a while will notice more of the unique ‘double shield’ technique from the Curious Macaque, we first saw this innovative technique back at Beach Rd. The rest workshop their own take on the now ubiquitous symbol including mikey with his own redition of MJ’s classic ‘here bubbles, come sit in my lap’… and barsy, in an ill-advised salute to Roy & HG, indulges in a ‘half egg cup, how’s your father’. Something for the kids to try at home.

What new low will we sink to in our quest for jimbo?